Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes Design

Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes Design

Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes Design

Net Zero Homes, whether new or renovated, produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new homes and use renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need. Every part of the house works together to provide consistent temperatures throughout, prevent drafts, and filter indoor air to reduce dust and allergens. The result: exceptional energy performance and the ultimate in comfort – a home at the forefront of sustainability. It all adds up to a better living experience.

Net Zero Design is a Sustainable Building Design practice and consultancy based in Brisbane, specializing in holistic sustainable-, healthy building- and modular design. We work collaboratively with our clients, consultants and builders throughout all project stages to create integrated, practical sustainability solutions that are inspiring and comfortable places to live in, cost-effective and future-proof.

We provide sustainable building design and consulting services for home renovations and -extensions, new homes and any other projects with a focus on creative, practical and high-level sustainable outcomes. Our mission is to make sustainable and healthy building affordable and accessible to anyone through early integration of holistic sustainable principles.

Buildings that reflect your lifestyle

Every project is uniquely designed to support your health and wellbeing, as a place to relax and recharge and connect with friends and family. We develop an understanding of your personal values and project vision, your site and its wider context to create individual, high quality design solutions that reflect your lifestyle and enhance life quality.

‘Less is more’ - quality over quantity

We help to save the environment and cost with design for longevity, flexibility & long-term use:
- Prioritise retrofits / repurpose where possible
- Small footprints that feel big - indoor-outdoor connection, open plan, multi-functional space
- Simple, effective practices such as passive solar design combined with new technologies
- Natural, durable, low maintenance, recyclable and/or biodegradable materials with low-zero toxins, ethically &

Collaborative team approach

Did you know that up to 90% of construction cost is determined at concept design stage? We invest heavily in front-end design where the direction is set to maximise asset value. We see the key for high quality, cost-effective building in early collaboration with the project team, including builders for smaller projects. Most importantly, our collaborative and transparent approach

Our integrated approach from the early design creates a good understanding of the project by all parties and a collaborative working environment.

This team approach saves time and ensures that all aesthetic considerations, healthy building- & energy-efficiency measures are fully implemented and the project is delivered on time and to budget.

We are keen to hear about your project and to discuss a sustainable design strategy for your site, reach out to us today.