Home Energy Loan Program Incentives

Home Energy Loan Program Incentives

Home Energy Loan Program Incentives

Homeowners who have been approved to participate in the City’s Home Energy Loan Program may also apply to receive the following incentives:



Program Eligibility

You may qualify for a low-interest loan through HELP if:

  • you own a detached, semi-detached, or row house in the City of Toronto (the property’s postal code must start with an “M”);
  • all of the property owners on title consent to participate in the program;
  • no late property tax and utility payments to the City in the past three years; and
  • you obtain written consent from your mortgage lender if applicable*.

*If your property is subject to a mortgage, we will send you a customized Lender Consent Form.

You may combine HELP with energy efficiency rebates and incentives available from the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, Government of Canada and utility companies. View all loans and rebates available.